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Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.


Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

First I want everyone to know how pleased I am with my new hearing aids.  I am an outdoors type of person and the first evening home, with my new hearing aids I heard a bull elk talking way up in the mountains. It’s been over 10 years since I could hear one that far away. I have three fawn deer that share the back yard with me, now I can hear them talking very very low to their mother. In the past listening to the TV, I had to be at full volume.  Now with my new ones I only need the TV volume set at less than ½ volume. The only difference is my new hearing aids.


hearing aid institute, kalispell and missoula, mt

Harold M

Very helpful and courteous. Helped me replace broken hearing aid under warranty that I wasn’t aware that I had available. They do free cleaning and servicing of my hearing aids. 


hearing aid institute, kalispell and missoula, mt

Kenneth S

I came into the Hearing Aid Institute when they first opened.  I was pleasantly surprised with the service and the enthusiasm in the office.  Don was very informative and paid attention to detail.  Don wanted to make sure I could get a pair of hearing aids.  That was a total change.  I can now hear my wife and my grandchildren.  Also being part of the conversation is nice.  Also the aftercare has been great.  There is always someone available in the office to service the equipment.  I would wholeheartedly recommend the Hearing Aid Institute for anyone who wants to region the world of the hearing.

Thank you Don and Crew!  


hearing aid institute, kalispell and missoula, mt

Jerry L

I, as did my family and friends, suffered for nearly 20 years from my loss of hearing.  I bought my first hearing aids approximately 10 years ago, but they were the ones that stuck out atop and behind my ears.  In addition to the irritants of them flopping about, the quality of the hearing I received through them was, frankly, very disappointing.  Between their constant squeaking and flipping around on my head, I reverted to a routine of only wearing them on business occasions or when I knew it was critical that I not only understood but could join in on a conversation.  After reading several articles on the link between Alzheimer’s and dementia, I knew I must do something and that is when I visited the Kalispell Hearing Aid Institute and had my hearing tested by an authorized, licensed professional.  The results were what I and my family and my friends already knew.  My ability to hear was well below normal and if not treated would just worsen and very well could permanently damage my brain.  Having a parent that had suffered through Alzheimer’s, there was no question what I should do.  The dollars I spent I consider to be the best investment I have ever made, as the Institute has given me back the gift of sound and with nearly invisible hearing aids which are so comfortable, I rarely even know they are in my ears.

 If you’re like I was and just didn’t think my hearing was that bad, I have a quick try story for you.  The day I left the Institute with my new hearing aids I could tell I was hearing better, but when I approached my car to leave, I could hear a radio loudly playing and when I opened my car door the sound literally blasted in my ears and it was then I realized that before my new hearing aids and for way too many years, I had needed that unmerciful volume to comfortably listen to my own radio!  


hearing aid institute, kalispell and missoula, mt

Walle L

I have had my “over the ear hearing aids” for some time, then I tried the inside hearing aid and I really like them.  Don Van De Riet helped me with them and Corey is very helpful and friendly at the office. I would recommend them to others. 

Bess L

My hearing has improved so much with my NuEar hearing aids, the adjustment allows me to tune them for every situation. My fiancé doesn’t have to shout to talk to me. They have improved my life without question. I can truly recommend them to anyone.

Terry L

The staff of Hearing Aid Institute treats me like a good friend would.  These hearing aids have changed my life in a great way, and the service is absolutely phenomenal.  I would recommend this business to any of my friends.

Russ G

Good, friendly people. The service is good. This is a better quality hearing aid than what I had before and the service is DEFINITELY better. I had previously been to Costco and Miracle Ear and had tried hearing aids that I wasn’t happy with.


hearing aid institute, kalispell and missoula, mt

Ray R

The hearing aids have greatly impacted my ability to hear all that goes on around me. Being able to hear people that seem to “whisper” is tremendous. The Hearing Aid Institute has been extremely helpful with keeping me updated and servicing my aids. They are always available for any questions or cares I have. 

Jerry C

Thanks so much to Mike and the whole crew at Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula. I am now able to hear things that I forgot existed. I can converse with my wife and grand kids at a level I did not believe was possible. I am so much more confident when talking to people everywhere.

 hearing aid institute, hearing aids, missoula and kalispell, mt

Robert M, Stevensville

I have found Don and Corey Van De Riet to be very helpful during my examination for hearing aids. They both are professional and caring. They back the products that they provide.

This is my second set of hearing aids. I went from the “behind the ear” model to the NuEar. The difference is amazing! I can now hear things that I have been missing. The clarity in sound is very noticeable. 

I would highly recommend the Hearing Aid Institute, as well as Don and Corey.

David H

Great people, great service and to top it off; it’s really sweet to be able to hear again!

 hearing aid institute, hearing aids, missoula and kalispell, mt

Rob R, Missoula

For years I have been in denial about my hearing loss as it has progressed from bad to worse over a course of 7-8 years. I was convinced that my issue was just “ear wax”. 

The past few years I have been active in a local running group. The international group of the Galloway Group and Run Wild Missoula. As the years have progressed I have been more and more involved in taking on some leadership and volunteering with these groups. I knew that my hearing was getting worse and again I just blamed it on “ear wax”. At 58 years old, I was too young to have a severe hearing loss.

One Sunday I was reading the paper and had seen an ad for the Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula. The ad stated that they would check my hearing and see if it was wax. I thought, why not check for wax and have a free ear screening!

I called on Monday morning and made an appointment for the next day. The staff at Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula, were beyond nice and friendly. When it was discovered, much to my surprise, that ear wax was not an issue, the staff was great about counseling me on my next step of obtaining hearing aids. My appointment was not rushed, they left time for the realism to set in. They helped me accept what I truly knew the end result was going to be.

The staff, Mike and Erik and the visiting audiologist were at first trying to get me over the shock of needing hearing aids. They then listened to my lifestyle and my running stories. The year of 2015 I had over 2000 miles alone of running. Then they recommended the hearing aids to fit my lifestyle. I choose the in the ear canal style.

These hearing aids- yes I have hearing loss in both ears- have been such an awesome addition to my quality of life. I have found since I do tell everyone that I have hearing aids, that a lot of my running buddies have hearing aids also. They were sold the “over the ear” hearing aids. Each one of them has come to me and ask how I can run with hearing aids in, as they cannot. I show them my in the ear canal hearing aids and how awesome they are to run with and hear while I am running with them in place. I also tell them about the great and continued service from Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula.

During my appointment, there was a bad car wreck in the street to the entrance and exit of the Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula. I was “stuck” there for hours. I really cannot tell you how awesome the staff of Mike, Erik and Kim were to me. And to each of the customers. One customer parked down the street and walked to his appointment as he did not want to miss it.

I then went and did some comparison shopping around Missoula. The prices were close, the people waiting on me did not think that I needed the in the ear canal hearing aids. They did not take the time to assess my lifestyle. Some places wanted to charge me to have my ears checked.

Not only did I choose, with a lot of guidance, the correct pair of hearing aids for me, I cannot even begin to describe the excellent service of the people at the Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula. Especially if you are young and active and think that you need hearing aids, Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula is a great place to go. I feel blessed that I went to the Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula first. Otherwise, I would probably not be wearing my hearing aids as much as I do.

Thank you Mike, Erik and Kim!

 hearing aid institute, hearing aids, missoula and kalispell, mt

Teresa G

Thanks to the staff of Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula for my excellent hearing aids and the exemplary service over many years. They even laugh at my jokes! I can’t say anything but complements about the aids and the service. Keep it up!


 hearing aid institute missoula, hearing aids, missoula, mt

Rob G, Missoula

I have been a client of the Hearing Aid Institute of Missoula since Sept 10, 2012. They have to be the most customer friendly company I have ever dealt with. The customer definitely comes first at all times. Erik is the greatest!


 hearing aid institute, hearing aids, missoula and kalispell, mt

Becky S, Clinton

I knew I had to do something about my hearing loss, I found myself constantly asking people to repeat themselves or trying to piece together what they may or may not have said, working in retail this is not a good situation.  About 3 years ago, I tried to rectify the hearing problem with hearing aids from another company only to find out that after further hearing loss the aids that I purchased could not be adjusted any higher and were thus rendered useless.  I was back to square one.

By chance, after having a root canal, I noticed the Hearing Aid Institute next door and walked in and met Erik.  After talking to Erik, I knew this company was the solution to my hearing problems. My first appointment with Mike solidified my first impressions. Mike answered all my questions, was very patient with me and fitted me with a pair of hearing aids.

After receiving the hearing aids and having Mike adjust them I went outside and heard the birds singing, outside his office. It was a sound I have not heard in many years. I wanted to try the hearing aids out in a noisy environment. We went to Cafe Rio and it was the first time I ordered without having to ask them to repeat what they said.  SUCH INDEPENDENCE! So far so good, next test; I went fishing with my daughter. We went to Brown's Lake and she did not have to repeat herself the whole day. She was thrilled! I could hear perfectly over the vehicle noise, another first in a long time. The biggest overall improvement has been; I do not have to lip read or piece together what someone is saying, I can hear them.

Erik and Mike are exceptional to work with. I have been in many times to have the hearing aids tweaked and each time the service has been exceptional, going well beyond what is required.

Thanks Mike and Erik, I love my new ears!!!

Ross B, Missoula

"Speech was so much better for me because I had a better understanding with these hearing aids and I have worn hearing aids now for 6 years. I always had trouble with consonants, like c's and t's if I was listening to a show like Wheel of Fortune, but now I can understand those so that is a huge plus for me."

Texie C.

"Finally having the volume on the TV normal for my wife is pretty cool. And to stream the TV sound wirelessly, without having a cord hanging over me, feels very free and natural for me."

Steve E.